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Welcome a new member to our beach house... Mini-E #148

Couldn't have arrived on a better day.  Also, quite busy.  After pickup, I had to jam back to the Office, then home.  We then went for a lovely dinner of Uni Pizza at Il Chianti. Then to pick up the truck for a hand-off to my brother in Law.  I managed to log double my normal commute on the car in just a couple of hours.  I tested both the fast charge and the 110 charger and they seem to work.  Though, I need another wire installed and the final inspection before we are licensed to let the juices flow.

A couple of shots after the break...


Arrival on the Strand

Soaking Up Some Rays

Soaking up a few rays before dinner.



At the dealership there were more than a dozen cars waiting for delivery.  My rep said she had several to deliver this week then 10 to the city of Manhattan Beach next week.  So the South Bay should soon be buzzing with Mini-E's.  A little hard to see in this picture, but here are 9 or so of them lined up.

9 Mini-E's lined up for Delivery