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I have been driving #148 for a few days now and am starting to get the feel of it. 

The car definitely drives like a manual transmission.  Everything from the slight roll back when stopping on a hill to the feel when cornering.  The regenerative braking allows you to "downshift" and engine brake into turns and allows you to take most turns without touching the brake.  I have been able to verify the mileage that I expected to get from the car.  Given my round trip commute of around 30 miles, I really only need to charge up every three days or so.  It is easy enough though to do every night and you never know if we will decide to go a bit more, so best to always start with a full charge.

I feel I have driven enough though to form some impressions.

Read on for the Good, the Bad, and the Unknown...


The Good

The Bad

The Unknown

I am still very enthusiastic and excited by this experience.  I find myself anxious to drive the car again which is really nice.  I can't wait till the day I can get one of these and actually cruise the whole coast charging up along the way.  Still a lot to learn.

EDIT (6/19): Ironically, this morning the mail sent to trial participants discusses both the regen and the rollback issue.  It points out:

"Every MINI including the MINI E has a vehicle stability system called Hill Start Assist. Hill Start Assist engages when you firmly press on the brake pedal. The system engages and holds the car for 2 seconds once you lift your foot off the brake pedal. This gives you time to move your foot to the accelerator and press it normally before the car begins to roll."

I will definitely try this out and see if it helps with the roll issue.