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So it has been about 6 months since I gave up Mini-E 148.  I can say I have missed her and she will always hold a special spot in my brain.  That car was the intro to the whole electric vehicle idea.  I am a convert now and have been ready to roll.

Today I took the first step on the next adventure for my family in our new electric Nissan Leaf.  The Leaf isn't everything I wanted in an EV.  I would have liked some more range, I want the Mini-E regen braking, the styling isn't perfect for me.  However, it is a really nice car from the little time we have spent together.  We are going to log some good electric miles and get to know each other.  Once I have more to say I will write up some notes.

I picked up the car from Santa Monica Nissan as the first customer of Plug-In-America's own Paul Scott.  I can say he was giddy as a young boy at christmas the day the first Nintendo came out.  He has waited a long time for this day and I was glad to be a small part of it.  Over the next few weeks, many more people, including some completely new to electrics will be joining us.  Really a remarkable few weeks.

Here are Paul and I at the lot.  The entire staff there was totally jazzed about the car, and couldn't wait till their next truckfull.


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